Swim Lessons

We are delighted to be able to return to our swimming lessons and get everyone back in the pool and we ask for your help to ensure we can do it safely and efficiently


Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for your lessons to allow for a smooth changeover of lessons. This is crucial to the system working and unfortunately parents who arrive late to the lessons may be delayed to allow for sanitising and cleaning before they can enter the changing rooms. Being early for your swimming lesson is the best way to help us run a smooth swimming lesson system and ensure you don’t miss swimming time.

Each swimmer has been assigned a cubicle to get changed in, these will be same as the number you were assigned in September but we understand that not everyone can remember back that far! If you have forgotten you cubicle number, reception will be able to get it for you but please allow extra time for this and arrive earlier.

There are instructions printed on the door of each cubicle and the system will be the same as September, so just a reminder that once the child is changed and ready to swim please follow the assigned exit route out of the changing area.

To ensure adequate social distancing we will not be able to allow parents into the changing area early to collect children. Please wait outside until the reception team advise you to collect your child. Parents will be allowed to return in the same order as your assigned cubicle colour e.g. Red/Yellow. If your swimmer had a higher number cubicle please be patient while we safely transition parents in and out. The lifeguard team and reception work closely to ensure that as soon as your child is in the changing area, you will be advised to head in.

You must check in at reception each week for contact tracing purposes and we would ask that you limit the accompanying parents to only one per child.

There is a one way system in operation at reception for exiting and entering the building so please follow the directions provided.

We appreciate your cooperation with the above and want to use this last opportunity to stress that being early for your swimming lesson is vitally important. We can’t wait to see you all next week!



A two week priority booking period for club members begins on Monday 19th July at 9am. You can join as a club member or children can join as junior club members to avail of the priority booking period but in order to have your membership application processed by Monday 19th, you will need to have applied by Thursday July 15th at 6pm. All memberships applications received after this time will be processed but not in time for Monday and only currently active members will receive priority enrollment. This will include expired or previous members but are not currently active.

The enrollment day is always extremely busy so we ask for your patience and cooperation to get everyone booked in as smoothly and as safely as possible. From August 3rd booking will open to everyone and any remaining spaces can be booked.

You can pre-fill the application form below and bring it with you to register but we will not be able to take bookings by phone or email on Monday the 19th.

Application from here