Swimming Lessons Parents Information

Important notice for parents ahead of the resumption of swimming lessons


  • When you arrive for your first lesson you will be given a cubicle number and a colour. Follow the signs in the matching entry and exit doors to your changing cubicle.


  • Please have your children ready to swim on arrival and not needing to use the changing rooms. The timing of turnovers between lessons is very tight and can be undone by children taking extra time to get changed so we ask for your help in this area to ensure the lessons run smoothly


  • Due to restricted numbers allowed in the changing rooms we strictly ask that parents only accompany children that require their help into the changing rooms. If your child does not need help getting ready please drop them at reception.
  • Please advise the children to stay in their cubicles until the lifeguard asks them to go out to the pool. This will help us to maintain social distancing and sanitise effectively.
  • Please use the lockers provided and do not leave belongings in the cubicles as they need to be sanitised after each use. Belongings left in cubicles will be placed in the closest available locker but we ask that all belongings are taken out by a parent or stored in a locker.


  • Please arrive early for your swimming lesson. This will help us to maintain social distancing and sanitising. If you are accompanying a child into the changing area we ask that you leave once they are ready to swim, following the colour coded exit signs. Late swimmers may be held at reception until a cubicle has become free and sanitised so we advise parents to arrive at least 10 minutes ahead of their lesson start time to allow time for changing.