Fitness Classes

nb: all PSLC Fitness classes are listed on the class timetable and are included in the Gym Membership as follows:

New Adult Zoned Classes

Classes starting Tues 10th July 2018 and running weekly on Tuesday and Thursday to the 30th August at 2-3pm. Drop in and join a class before you pick the children up from Summer Camp. See Adult Zoned 2018 for more information.

Teen Zoned Classes 13-16 years of age

Back by popular demand our Teen Zoned Fitness classes. Mon/Wed/Fri at 2-3pm, starting Mon 9th July 2018. See Teen Zoned Poster 2018 for more information


Taking place on a regular basis, classes from fun step aerobics to ‘Extreme Hardcore’ high intensity workouts.

We have a great line-up of classes that include:

Circuit Training, Weights Workout, TRX, Pilates, Strength & Conditioning and lots more.

Checkout our latest classes on the PSLC Gym timetable.

Fm9.23.2fitness class current timetable

Note: All classes are on a first come first served basis.

Water & towel are necessary for each class.

nb: no student discount on adult spin classes


Additionally We also have Zumba Classes and Latina Fitness Dance Classes at PSLC.

these are run independently by Mariana, Hazel and Susana

Zumba classes are run on Fridays by Marianna and on Tuesdays & Thursdays by Hazel.

Latina Dance Fitness is run on Thursday nights by Susanna

see details below...

zumba      Hazel's zumba class  

Friday                                                         Tuesday & Thursday            Thursday 

Zumba Class                                             Zumba Class                           Latina Dance Fitness Class

Time: 10am – 11am                                       Time: 10am – 11am                     Time: 8pm – 9pm,

Instructor:                                                 Instructor:                               Instructor:

Marianna Ph: 087 7030247                 Hazel Ph: 086-107001        Susana Ph: 085-2291072

Price: €5                                                        Price: €7                                    Price: 5 classes €35

Have a little party during               Shrink everything but your                         Have fun and get in                                     the week!                                                   smile!                                                               shape!