Congratulations to our Junior Squash Players…

Very proud to announce that SIX PSLC junior players have been selected to represent the Leinster Junior Teams next weekend at the 2018 Interprovincial Championships, taking place in Belfast. Congratulations to the following students:

Leinster Girls Under 13

Isabelle Kelly
Sophie Finn
Ella Burke
Anna Brady
(These girls make up four of the five players on the Leinster Team)

Leinster Girls Under 15

Keya Crosbie

Leinster Boys Under 15

Joshua Kelly

Considering the squash club is barely two years old, and we are still practicing on just one court, it is quite an accomplishment for all these kids and they should be very proud of all the work they’ve put in. These kids started out less than two years ago at Portmarnock, and their talent and dedication have brought them to this epic moment. Thank you to their parents for their support also.

Orla has been selected as the Leinster Girls’ teams coach and will travel with them next weekend.