Government announce lifting of restrictions on Leisure & Hospitality…

On Friday January 21, 2022, the government agreed that most of the public health measures currently in place can now be removed.  The following changes will now come into effect at PSLC operations:

·     Normal closing time for bar & functions returns

·     No capacity restrictions for indoor events.

·     No requirements to have a valid Digital COVID Certificate to enter the premises

·     Viewing Gallery can now reopen

·     Showers can reopen

·     Sauna can reopen

The move by Government to withdraw the majority of restrictions will come as welcome news and signals a return to normalcy, long anticipated by the majority of people however the government has reiterated the need for ongoing close monitoring of the virus stating that The pandemic is not over and the emergence of new variants with increased levels of transmissibility, immune escape and/or virulence remains a risk both nationally and globally, particularly in the context of continued high levels of infection and variance in vaccine supply and uptake globally.


The ongoing strategy must include:

requirements for mask wearing in all settings where currently regulated for.

continuing to follow the current advice for those with symptoms, cases and close contacts Click here for details


PSLC Management team.